Genesis of Vijaya College
In early 1940's, there were only two colleges-Government Intermediate college and St. Joseph's college, in the entire city of Bangalore, to cater to the needs of students desirous of pursuing science education. Admission to Government College, was difficult because of less student intake and admission to St. Joseph's college was thought of being beyond the reach of many. Sighting the hardship of the general public and students, a group of visionaries came together and mooted the idea of starting a new educational institution, to provide opportunity for deserving students to pursue science education. The group included Rao Bahadur Prof B. Venkateshachar, Prof V.T. Srinivasan, Sri K. Lakshminarayana Rao, Sri K. Srinivasa Rao, Sri.C.R. Narayana Rao and others. With the mission of providing excellent education, BHS Managing Committee was constituted in the year 1944. The time to time contributions of several other prominent educationists such as Sri K.N.Guruswamy, Sri Rao Bahadur Dharma Prakasha L.S. Venkoji Rao, Sri H.Ramaswamy, Col. G.S.Subba Rao, Dr. N S Sundara Rajan and Prof. B V Narayana Rao can never be forgotten.

At present, Sri. N B Bhat is guiding the institution as the secretary of BHS Higher Education Society. He is actively involved in giving a new dimension to the college with the vision of making Vijaya College, one of the best learning centres in Karnataka. Sri. N B Bhat is ably supported by the President Sri. G. V Viswanath and other members of the Managing Committee.

The BHS Managing Committee started the 'Bangalore Intermediate College' in Vokkaligara Sangha Campus, Vishveswarapuram, Bangalore with two sections of 60 students each. In 1946, the Bangalore Intermediate College was renamed as Vijaya College. In the year 1947, the present campus area measuring 450 ft X 500 ft was sanctioned by the City Municipality, Bangalore. A building was constructed to house the college in the new campus by January 1953.

To cater to the needs of students, new dimensions were added to the college by starting degree classes in 1956. Initially B.Sc. course with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics combination was started, followed by the addition of Chemistry, Botany and Zoology combination. Later in 1970, B.Com course was also started.

During 1980's, there was a shift in the educational scenario. Recognizing the need for job oriented applied sciences, the college started new B.Sc. combinations - 
  1. Physics, Mathematics and Electronics.
  2. Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science.
  3. Chemistry, Botany or Zoology and Sericulture.
  4. Physics, Mathematics and Electronics.
  5. Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science.
  6. Chemistry, Botany or Zoology and Sericulture.

This was also the time when Vijaya College saw huge expansion in terms of building infrastructure as also a steep increase in the intake of students for PU classes. The BHS Higher Education Society proudly claims to have met the educational needs of more than 30000 students in Vijaya College during the last two decades . 

As per the policy of the Government of Karnataka, the college was bifurcated in 2002 into Degree and PU colleges.

During the year 2007 08, several combinations in science which includes the subjects Biotechnology, Microbiology, Genetics, Biochemistry were introduced. At the same time courses like BCA and BBM were also introduced. Infrastructural facilities were simultaneously increased to cater to the new requirements. During the academic year 2011 12, M.Sc. in Mathematics was started. In the year 2012 13, M.Sc. in Physics was started. M.Sc. in Chemistry and M.Com. have been started from the year 2013 14. Additional increase in infrastructural facilities was made available to satisfy the new requirements.

The Vijaya College is now a full fledged undergraduate and postgraduate degree college. Over a period of more than 74 years of its purposeful existence, Vijaya College is growing from strength to strength. At present the student strength in the college is about 2600. 

Vijaya College is guided by BHS Higher Education Society (BHSHES) Managing Committee which comprises : 

SL.No. Name of the Member Designation
1 Sri G. V. Viswanath, IAS (Retd.) President
2 Dr. R. V. Prabhakara, M.Sc., M.Phi Vice-President
3 Sri N. B. Bhat, M.A., L.L.M., IPS (Retd.) Secretary
4 Dr. A K Atre. M.Sc.,Ph.D. Treasurer and Dean
5 Prof. K Sameera Simha Joint Secretary

The following is the list of faculty members who have served as Principals and contributed in their own might to the growth of the college:


Rao Bahadur Prof  B. Venkateshachar

1945-1951 (Founder Principal)


Prof  V. T. Srinivasan



Prof B.V.  Narayana Rao



Prof  M. A. Venkatachar

1975- 1980


Prof M. K. Keshavaswamy



Dr. K. Rajagopalachar



Dr. B. S. Nagaraj



Dr. Ananth. K. Atre



Dr. B. S. Nagaraj



Dr. T. S. Vaidyeshwara

1996 – 2000


Dr. N Jayappa

2000 - 2006


Dr. M K Nanjappa

Jan 2007 – Feb 2007


Dr. K P Krishna Prasad

Mar  2007 – Apr 2007



April 2007 – July2012

15 Dr. G M nijaguna August 2012 – August 2013
16 Prof. A R Ramesh Babu August 2013 – March 2016
17 Prof. Major. Shivappa Notagar March 2016 – June 2016
18 Dr. Manjula. N June 2016 - May 2018
19 Prof. H. S. Balakrishna May 2018


At present, Prof. H. S. Balakrishna  is functioning as the principal


Late Prof Rao Bahadur Venkatesachar
(Retired Director IISC
Principal and Prof. of Physics, Central College)

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