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Board for Teaching - Learning Process

Composition :

Sl.No. Name of the Members Designation
1 Prof. A R Ramesh Babu
2 Dr. A K Atre
Dean, Vijaya College
Joint Secretary, BHS Higher Education Society
3 Prof. Shivappa Notagar
4 Prof. M J H Shafi
Associate Professor and Head, Dept. of Zoology
5 Dr. N Manjula
Associate Professor, Dept. of Chemistry
6 Dr. M R Ramesh
Associate Professor and Head, Dept. of Statistics
7 Dr. K S Suresh
Associate Professor, Dept. of Physics
8 Prof. H K Gundu Rao
Associate Professor and Head, Dept. of Computer Science
9 Prof. H N Guru Raja Rao
Associate Professor, Dept. of Commerce and Management
10 Dr. D Siddaraju
Associate Professor, Dept. of Kannada
11 Dr. M S Nagashree
Associate Professor, Dept. of Mathematics

Functions :
The functions of the Teaching and Learning board are to:

  • Implement academic policies relating to all teaching and learning processes, including admissions, student progress, examinations and assessment.
  • Coordinate the conduct of, and monitor the outcomes from admission processes
  • Oversee the process by which teachers complete the syllabus and the student satisfaction thereon.
  • Monitor student results both at the college level tests and the university level examination. Evolve necessary remedial measures to improve the results
  • Monitor the progression of students to higher learning.
  • Make recommendations to the heads of respective departments or the Principal on matters pertaining to class room content delivery and the learning content.
  • Review and advise on teaching and learning facilities which provide a physical environment conducive to study.
  • Make recommendations regarding textbooks and other learning resources
  • Undertake benchmarking of course outcomes.
  • Take steps to improve the quality of teaching through regular use and review of student and parent  feedback as a basis for continuous improvement.
  • Encourage a culture of scholarship throughout the college



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